Can I print from the books included with the Pastors Digital Books Bundle?

Yes. You will want to investigate how to print in settings that will use less ink for your printer, but printing is not disabled in any fashion by Pastors Digital Books. Since these are digital scans, as if the book was placed on the copier, if the book scanned was older, darker (yellow) paper, your printer will print a yellowed background. We will investigate and report back suggested settings to minimize ink consumption. But we suggest only printing key pages as necessary. Some books however, have been greyscaled, so they have a white back ground.

Aren’t some of these books available in published form now?

Yes, many are. You can still find copies of most of these books in used bookstores or auction sites. We even have many in our personal library. But even after years of collecting and the cost involved our shelves only have a fraction of what is available here.

Haven’t I seen a some of these at my favorite bookstore?

Many publishers have been given the rights to republish these books from the 1800 and early 1900’s. This does not however include the original copyright. What you are receiving from Pastors Digital Books is a digital version of the early editions whos copyright is expired. What you see published on the market to day may have added commentary before or after, or be an abridged or edited version. Pastors Digital Books only includes the editions whos copywrite has expired.

Is everything really complete? Is it what I see here?

Yes, Yes, Yes! Well almost.. Thousands of books were written in the 1800’s and and the copyrights were allowed to expire. There is a trend towards making the original versions digitally available, so that the written material is not lost. Pastors Digital Books has worked to include many of the writings now available in digital form. In some cases, as in a commentary series, there may be a book or two, we are still looking for to complete a set. But if listed the majority has been found. You will not receive “everything” by an author they have written, only those whos copyright has expired and are now digitized. You are welcome to contact us if you would like to know if something is included in Pastors Digital Books. We are always on the lookout for more books to make available!

Can’t I just down load this my self?

Yes you can. Honestly – you don’t need to buy it. We are only charging for the hours of labor it’s taken to research the who, the what, and the where, then the time to download and make it available. We’ve used high speed internet connections, and it’s still taken us weeks to compile Pastors Digial Books. We’ve tried to make the price as reasonable as possible. But if you want all of it.. and can’t take the time to download it.. or know what your looking for, Pastors Digital Books is here for you.

Who would use these books?

Pastors who want to expand their library, but can’t afford the printed versions. Missionaries who will be traveling but don’t have space for the printed versions. Lay men who want to expand their library quickly but aren’t sure what to buy. Students who want the resources for school, but can’t afford much. Maybe you need to replace your library, or preview old or rare books before you buy the printed versions! At $79.95 $49.95, it’s a reasonable amount to get started.

What can I do with these books?

Once you have the files, you can open them, read them, search within individual files, or move them from the media we send them on. You can then view them on your computer, iPod, iPad, etc. Any device that would normally read a PDF file. Imagine a portable library with you on your laptop or iPad! Note: Some files are in full color format, and may not properly load on anything but a computer version of PDF Reader.

Please send us your questions to sales@pastorsdigitalbooks.com

99% of the PDF documents are scans of original printed publications. They are as if you took a book from the 1800’s or 1900’s and photocopied them. Less than 1% have the original text, re-entered, and then saved in PDF format. Please contact us at sales@pastorsdigitalbooks.com if you have questions regarding what is included on the DVDs. Or if you have a problem with one of the files.